Ralo On NBA YoungBoy's Assault Allegation: 'Some Hoes Want To Get Slapped'

By Daryl Nelson

A few days ago, a video of NBA Youngboy body slamming and dragging his girlfriend Jania surfaced. He's since been charged with assault and kidnapping and is being held without bail.

Jania has denied that she was assaulted and said she and the rapper were just playing at the time. Strangely enough, she even released a song about the incident.

Afterwards, Ralo defended NBA on Instagram and said a few things that many will surely find off the wall, if not straight up crazy.

"Free young boy," he said. "Everybody got into a fight with they motherfucking girl before. Every nigga got to fighting with their ho. Don't act like you ain't never got beat up, bitch. Some of you hoes like getting beat up. Don't act like that ... Some hoes want to get slapped. Don't act like you ain't never want to get slapped, bitch. You wanna get slapped when you're getting fucked, and you want to get slapped just on the strength sometimes.  The judge will be lying if he said he never beat a ho up, and a ho lying if she said she never got slapped by a nigga."

Your thoughts?


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