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Ralo Gives New Information On Recent Arrest

By Daryl Nelson

Ralo was arrested a few days ago while driving one of his Lamborghinis. Now he's provided the details of the arrest. 

The official explanation is the rapper's fine Italian automobile didn't have an up to date registration.  Ralo added that he was also pulled over because of his skin color, money, and religion.

Young, Black, Smart, Rich, an Muslim. #1 most hated type of guy in this country. On my birthday i was pulled over due to cancellation of registration. GA law states that on day of your birthday you have to renew your registration. 2) In their computer system my license was suspended. 3) I didn’t have proof of insurance. My bond was paid b4 i walked in the jail. Kristie made sure of that. I went to court this morning, for some strange reason my license is active, an why da fuck would i pay ah half ah million dollars for a car an not have insurance on it??? #DiaryOfTheStreets3

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What do you think about Ralo's post and his theory on being arrested?

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