Ralo's People Claim He Could be Home In Less Than A Year


When we last heard, Ralo took a nine-year plea deal on federal charges that he trafficked about $2 million worth of weed from California to Atlanta.

With time served, that would get him home around 2027.

His people have different math.

"The Judge sentenced Ralo to 8 years in Federal Prison, he was given over 4 years credit tiem served.  The BOP has also credited him 1 & 1/2 years for good time.  He was recommended 1 year ankle monitor after the halfway house approve his home address; which will bring him home to us late next year, but our goa is for him to complete his GED or RDAP Drug program so we can get another year off his snetnence.  That will bring him home to us in less than a year.  We need prayer hands ... #FreeRalo."

Ralo's team has been overly optimistic about his prospects throughout his latest criminal ordeal.  But perhaps this time they really know something.

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