Raekwon Predicts Another 'Dope' Album From Wu Tang

By HHL Editors

Wu Tang's last album, A Better Tomorrow, flopped. And the album the Staten Island collective made before that, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, still hasn't been released. It's in the midst of a complicated auction process and may never be.

On top of that, the group has been bickering.

Nevertheless, Raekwon thinks there will be more great Wu Tang albums in the future.

"Wu-Tang, like we always told you, it’s going to be forever," Raekwon told Billboard magazine. "Wu-Tang will make another fucking dope album again. I have no doubts and no questions about that.” According to The Chef, the only thing that would stand in their way is the business aspect of recording again. "I think dudes just want to make sure that our business is perfect and we can go on and still do what we love to do," he said.
Do you think Wu Tang can ever get back their old magic?

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