Raekwon Criticizes 'A Better Tomorrow'; Isn't Touring With Wu Tang

By HHL Editors

Wu Tang Clan's A Better Tomorrow was a huge flop. There's no getting around that.

Raekwon thinks he knows why the collective's sixth album failed to connect with audiences, despite heavy promotion and the good will Wu Tang has accumulated throughout their storied career.

"That album felt kinda bored," Raekwon told NME. "And that’s not just my opinion. The music was just too soft. Too humble. I felt like the album could have been better. I voiced my opinion, like, 'Yo, let's give them some real shit.' The album was driven more to RZA’s expectations. He was coming from one way. We was wanting to try something new."

He added that he won't be touring with Wu-Tang this year -- but don't call it a beef.

"I ain't going on the road with Wu-Tang this year. Fans will think it’s beef in the group, but it’s all management," The Chef said. "I didn't know shit about the tour. They just assume I’m good to be there and put it all together, but by then I got obligations, a fucking schedule. It’s frustrating, 'cos I’d love to be there."
Instead, Raekwon will be promoting his solo album Fly International Luxurious Art, which is scheduled for April 28.

As for the miscommunication concerning the tour ... there's a lot of that going around with Wu Tang lately.

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