Quentin Miller Says Meek Mill Made Him Feel Like Taylor Swift in Drake Feud

By Daryl Nelson

Quentin Miller had a Q&A with Rolling Stone, in which he talked about the controversy surrounding ghostwriting for Drake, which was exposed by Meek Mill in 2015.

The way Quentin sees it, meeting Drake was like being Taylor Swift in 2009 when she won an MTV Video Music Award and Kanye interrupted her with his "I'mma let you finish" speech.  Quentin also said that it bothers him that people are still linking him to Drake and the ghostwriting thing.

"Yeah, I kind of am tired of it being brought up," he said. "People want to give me credit for his whole catalog, but that’s not true. I was inspired by him just like everybody else. We collaborated and that’s that. The way things played out, I don't know if anyone made all the right decisions in all the right scenarios. Ultimately, I wanted people to just see that project as a great project. I didn't want all that negative shit. That was the first major thing I was ever a part of. It was sort of like my Taylor Swift moment, and Meek Mill kind of Kanye-ed me. I got Kanye-ed by Meek, but it’s all good."

Afterward, Quentin was asked how he felt about Drizzy name dropping him in the Pusha T diss  song "Duppy Freestyle."

"I’m doing my thing. We doing us out here," he stated. "Ain’t nobody around helping us out. Honestly, it’s only a select few people that really genuinely fuck with me and rock with me and help me out. So without saying too much, I’m doing my thing. People say my name, whatever. I can't control that."

What do you think about what Quentin said in regards to Meek messing up his first big moment?

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