Pusha T Reveals Producers on 'King Push'

By Sermon

Pusha T's sophomore album, King Push has been a long time coming. He wanted to release it in the spring, then that turned into a rumored June date, but nothing surfaced. There's still no proper date in place, but Pusha is aiming to finish up the album and deliver some new music this month according to an interview with Billboard.

"I am feverishly -- I love that word so much these days. I am feverishly trying to finish King Push, and get some music out this month. It's a real easy thing -- just a couple different pieces that I feel like need to be in place. My fans like a certain quality and a certain level of music. Once I give it to them, they seem pretty happy. Anyone else, they can get down with the game if they want to. I'm definitely making this for [the fans] -- no holds barred. Nothing to be compromised. I hope everybody stays down."
While on the topic of King Push, he wasn't shy about revealing some of the producers he has on it. "Timbaland, Kanye West, Pharrell, The-Dream, Sean Combs...and someone from my hometown who I've never, ever worked with before," he says.

Recently, Pusha was name dropped by N.W.A. as one of their favorite MCs. He calls it the "ultimate rap reward."

"It blew my mind, actually. I haven't had any interaction with Dre, or Ren, ever. It's ironic because I was super hyped when Dr. Dre's Beats 1 [show] promo was [Pusha T song] "Numbers On The Board." I was like, "Aw, Dre probably got some kid [to do the promo] -- how else would Dr. Dre know about Pusha T?" He's such a huge figure, but to me, as far as my reach goes, he's like a myth. You hear about him, you never see him -- only on magazine covers. When something grandiose happens in the worlds of business or music, his name pops up. As far as me being a rapper, it just doesn't happen, man. I was completely taken aback."
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