Profile Of Bobby Shmurda Details How Police Targeted Him

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Last week, two of Bobby Shmurda's Gs9 associates recieved sentences of 53 and 98 years. Shmurda goes to trial in September, and it's looking more and more grim for Bobby

Or is it?

A new profile of Shmurda in GQ casts some doubt on the case against him. First, it details the extent to which he was targeted by the police.

In the piece, Shmurda's friends say the NYPD began harassing Bobby and his crew once 'Hot Nigga' got big, waiting for them outside of shows.

One of the times the cops picked up Shmurda, his former manager Donny Flores went to the precinct to retrieve him. Flores reports the officers were "dancing and singing" to 'Hot Nigga.' "One cop was like: 'Oh, my God, this is what my daughter is listening to?' I didn't know what was going on," Flores said. "Now I know. They targeted him."

The article also reveals that the drug charges against Shmurda might not be very strong.

"For a case against a purported drug gang, there was a curious lack of drugs. No undercover sting had interrupted a GS9 drug transaction. No illicit profits had been sought in forfeiture proceedings... So far, the main evidence of drug sales appears to be the recorded phone calls and the snippets of dialogue about dealing 'crills' and 'twork.'"
But even if the drug charges are bunk, Shmurda does still face guns and conspiracy to commit murder counts.

The author of profile also forwards the idea that Shmurda was a victim of his circumstance.

"In a sense, if you grew up on those blocks, you were a G-Stone Crip. On the other hand, GS9 was this smaller, closer-knit group of friends who were focused on hip-hop. But because they'd grown up in GSC-land, they were citizens of it—and it was a citizenship, the source suggests, that could not be renounced: 'I think a lot of those kids were forced to be gangbangers. Forced as in: You're a Crip, or you're against us.'"
Are you buying Shmurda as a tragic figure?

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