This Is Probably Not A Photo Of Odell Beckham Jr. Going Down On Amber Rose

By HHL Editors

The internet is wild and full of rumors.

The big one on this summer Friday is that this is a photo of Odell Beckham Jr. -- he of the impressive one handed catches -- going down on a woman who may be Amber Rose.

You can see the uncensored shot over at NFL retweet, which both leaked the pic and suggested it was the Giants receiver chowing box.

Beckham pushed back on that talk by posting this photo, which is meant to prove his frosted tipped hair is different from the frosted tipped hair of the fellow in the photo.

Odell Beckham ig

We'll agree: Probably not Beckham. (Also, doesn't he wear earrings?) What do you think? So far no word from Rose, who we seriously doubt is the chick in the photo.

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