PRhyme Explain Eminem's Absence From Their Album

By Sermon

Given that Royce Da 5'9" relationship with Eminem (the Evil to his Bad) is stronger than ever, one might have suspected Em would be on Royce's latest album PRhyme, which is a collaborative effort with DJ Premier.  However, fans who are clamoring for something with both Shady and Preemo will have to wait.  Royce explained why in an interview with Hard Knock TV.

"This is the first thing I've done since the joint project with Marshall, “ Royce Da 5’9 tells Hard Knock. "It’s like, I’m coming off of that. I don’t want to necessarily do the expected at this point in my career. I do feel like a Royce and Marshall on a Preem beat would be something unexpected…but it’s gotta be vintage Preem."

In the 12 minute sit-down, Royce and Premier also discussed the lack of balance on the radio, the greatest challenge while working on the LP, and much more. Pre-order Prhyme right now for its December 9th release.

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