Pras Is Suing the New York Post For $30 Million Because They Wrote He Bailed On Haiti Charity

By HHL Editors

Last week, The New York Post wrote Pras was a no-show as the headliner for a His Hope for Them event benefiting Haiti.

Now the ex-Fugees member is suing the tabloid for $30 million, claiming the article, published on October 5, was misleading.

"The drafting, publishing and dissemination of the Article was accomplished with a reckless disregard for the truth,” states the lawsuit. "The reckless ‘reporting’ would be deemed as such had a high school student drafted the Article. However, the authors are seasoned, experienced 'investigative journalists' employed by one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world."

In the article, a His Hope For Them official said Pras missed the New York City event because he had the flu. The Post also reported Pras had been a board member of the charity, but that his name had been recently scrubbed from His Hope For Them website.

Additionally, there were uncomfortable details in the article that made it seem like His Hope For Them was a sham, and that none of the donated money ever reached Haiti.

In 2012, Pras's former bandmate and cousin Wycleaf Jean's Haiti charity Yele was shut down amid allegations it squandered $16 million dollars while barely making any improvements to the impoverished island. Among other financial improprieties, the charity was found to have paid large sums of money to Jean's family members and mistress.

Already suffering from Haiti charity guilt by association, Pras is now prepared to go to court to separate himself from his cousin's problems.

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