Post Malone Is Being Sued For Stealing One Of his Biggest Hits


Tyler Armes says he co-wrote the chords and the bass line and contributed to the guitar melody of Post Malone's smash hit "Circles", but never received money or credit for his efforts. 

According to Armes, who's now suing Post and his producer Frank Dukes, he, Post and Dukes got together and wrote "Circles" in August of 2018.  The song became a number-one hit a year later.

While Dukes got a co-writing credit, Armes got nothing.  In Armes's lawsuit, he claims last month Post finally offered him five percent of the song's publishing with no credit, but that isn't good enough.  Armes says there are written communications between Post and his manager that acknowledge Armes's contributions. 

Armes's lawsuit seeks a higher percentage of past and future royalties on "Circles" and a proper credit.

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