Port Arthur 'President' Stephen Jackson Pulls A$AP Rocky's 'Trill' Privileges

By HHL Editors

A$AP Rocky ruffled some feathers when old comments he made about not wanting to be forced to speak on social issues just because he's black reemerged.

Among those offended was former NBA star Stephen Jackson.

Captain Jack grew up in Port Arthur Texas, and he jumped on social to tell Rocky he should no longer use the word "trill" -- which is associated with the Port Arthur duo UGK (Bun B and the late Pimp C.)

“I’ve got another message for A$AP Rocky, too, Jackson says. "Say bruh, no more trill talk out your mouth, either. You ain’t from Port Arthur. Me being a Port Arthur representative, a native, you can’t say ‘trill’ no more. Cuz u ain’t. Therefore, anybody in your camp that’s using ‘trill,’ stop using it.” “Rest in peace pimp. I am Port Arthur, I am the president of Port Arthur, you better ask somebody. So therefore, the word ‘trill’ cannot come out your mouth no more, bruh. You hear me? And the whole Port Arthur is speaking with me. Therefore, find you another word, find you a New York word. You’re not trill, you’re not from Texas. Get you own swag. That's coming from the President of Port Arthur."
Rocky's Twitter handle is currently @ASAPRockyTRILL.

Do you agree with Jackson that Rocky and his A$AP crew need to find their own word?

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