PnB Rock Responds To Chief Keef Affiliate With Assault Rifle

By Daryl Nelson

PnB Rock got dragged into the beef between Chief Keef and Tekashi 6ix9ine and responded on video by holding a large assault weapon. 

Fat 4 Glo, who's part of Keef's Glo Gang crew, thought PnB was from New York like Tekashi is and said he could get hurt right along with him. That didn't sit will with PnB.

"Shout out to Chiraq," PnB responded. "Listen, right, I fuck with Chiraq. Listen, I'm from Philly. Y'all niggs got the wrong nigga. Listen, I don't do none of that internet shit, bro. Fuck is y'all niggas talking about? I'm not from New York, I'm from Philly. I will smoke the shit out of one of y'all niggas. Don't fucking play with my name." 

In response, Fat 4 jumped on the Internet and explained that he had mistakenly linked PnB to Tekashi.

"But nah, for real though, Philly. Y'all good. I fuck with y'all," he said.  "PnB, you good shorty. You know what I'm saying? It's a misunderstanding. Thought you was with that rainbow head bitch, you feel me?"

What do you think about PnB saying "I don't do none of that Internet shit" but then posts a tough-talking message on the Internet? Isn't that a contradiction? 


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