Plies Had Something To Say About the Clinton-Trump Debate

By HHL Editors

About 100 million Americans watched the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last night.

Plies wasn't one of them. The rapper/internet comedian had his reasons.

"You think I'm gonna sit and watch two motherfucking grown people lie to me for two motherfucking hours," he ranted on Twitter.
He did, however, respond to his mother's question about why Trump is so angry.

Cause he's motherfucking ugly, that's why he's so motherfucking mad," he argues. "You would be motherfucking mad too if you was ugly. Every motherfucking body I know that's ugly is mad."

As you can see, Plies wants the Presidential candidates to talk about issues such as the cost of child care and criminal justice reform.

Who do you think won the debate last night?

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