Pimpin Ain't Easy; 40 Glocc Arrested in Prostitution Sting

By HHL Editors

When we last heard from 40 Glocc it was last month and he was getting shot (and surviving the bullets) at a funeral in California.

This latest testament to how he's living actually comes from before that, but we're just learning about it today.

According to TMZ, 40 was one of the 4 people arrested in a prostitution sting in Minnesota in February.

What happened was an undercover cop set up a meeting with a prostitute through

When they busted the hooker, they noticed a Bluetooth headset around her neck with a live call on the line. They also noticed the car that drove her to the motel taking off.

That was 40 Glocc, and when the cops chased him down his hands were bleeding from allegedly smashing his cell phone to avoid detection.

His hearing is set for October.

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