Pharrell Has A Black Eye And The Gossip Rags Are Pointing At Jay Z

By HHL Editors

Pharrell has a black eye.

And the songwriter, producer and Voice host has yet to explain why the tissue below his left eye socket is all purple and swollen.

According to MediaTakeOut, which has a history of not being very reliable, insiders are telling them Jay Z gave Pharrell his shiner.

Here's what we know. Jay Z and Pharrell used to be CLOSE friends and business associates, and the two planned on pattering [sic] in Jay Z's music streaming business TIDAL. That is until Pharrell BACKED OUT OF partnering with Tidal . . . and instead worked out a BACK DEAL WITH APPLE.
MTO went on to say that Pharrell and Jay Z had a meeting Wednesday.  Then on Thursday Skateboard P is walking around with a black eye.

2015 Hov comes off as pretty chill. But in 2001 Jay did plead guilty to stabbing a record executive he believed was ripping him off.

Anyway, all we know is that somebody or something gave Pharrell a black eye. It probably wasn't Jay Z, but stranger things have happened.

Update: Pharrell denies Jay hit him, and says he was the victim of an inadvertently thrown spatula during domestic horseplay with his wife. Which just makes everything more suspicious ...

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