Peter Rosenberg Tells Post Malone To Get Out Of Hip Hop


Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg has a message for Post Malone: Respect Hip Hop or get out.

Rosenberg’s comments come after Post said modern Hip Hop wasn’t deep, and that when he wants to get emotional, think and cry a little, he listens to Bob Dylan, not rap artists. He had already received a lot of backlash for the comments.

"Post Malone, I'm done giving you passes, bro. Even though I like you in person  — we've had nice conversation before — you're out of passes," said Rosenberg. "That's over. You got a pass for braids, which is not common. You got a pass for the N-word thing that happened on Snapchat … We gave you a pass even though all the tattoos of the artists you love are all white rock stars, not related to Hip Hop at all. So either leave Hip Hop and go make music in another genre or start showing respect for Hip Hop”

Rosenberg also said that he and other folks around the world are able to connect with Hip Hop on an emotional level, so Malone needs to stop speaking so badly about it.

"Hip Hop has been the soundtrack of every important day of my life, and many people like me and all around the world of every different background," he explained. "So start showing respect for Hip Hop or get out. No more passes for Post Malone. You're done.”

What do you think about Rosenberg's comments? Are you offended by what Malone said or have you forgotten about it already?

Someone show this to @postmalone please ... No more passes for you bro

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