Pete Davidson Speaks On His Phone call With Eminem


Pete Davidson's been spoofing Eminem on SNL.

First, in the Christmas parody track "Stu", and later in a "Without Me" inspired NFT tutorial.

Shady has already blessed Davidson's impersonation by cameoing in "Stu".

During Davidson's stop on Late Night With Seth Myers, he discussed the brief conversation he had with Em. [Jump to three minutes.]

"It went I think as good as it can go,"  Davidson said about the conversation. "The skits were written by the great Dan Bulla and Steven Castillo, great SNL writers. Eminem said a couple of nice things about me, and I of course heard them. So I, like reached out to say thank you, and hit him up. He was like, 'yeah man, you really did that. When I saw Stu on script, I didn't know how it was gonna go. But, like, after you did that, you was fire.'"

"I was like, ahh thank you so much, you're the coolest," Davidson continued. "And then I just hung up as quick as possible. That's all you need. You don't want anything more...Get out as soon as you can. It's like the stock market."

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