Paul Wall Disagrees With Master P That Syrup Is "Killing" A Generation

By HHL Editors

A few months ago, Master P said that sipping syrup is killing off a generation of rappers.

Many agreed with the hard-working OG.

But not Houston rapper/producer Paul Wall, who's known indulge in some drank.

“Of course I love Master P, I got nothing but respect for Master P, but it might be killing the generation theoretically, but it’s not sending people to the graveyard," Wall told "I personally don’t know not one person in my whole life who has ever died as a result of sippin’ syrup.”
Some might think that's an odd thing for Wall to say, given how Houston Hip Hop figures DJ Screw, Pimp C and Big Moe passed away. But Wall doesn't think their deaths can be blamed on his drug of choice.

“They might have syrup in they body when they die, but that don’t kill ’em,” Paul Wall continued. “Now poppin’ pills, handlebars, them handlebars be sending people to the grave. Shooting heroin up that’s sending people to the grave. You know that flocka, that’s sending people to the grave. Alcohol is sending people to the grave. 200 million people die off some crazy sht from cigarettes, that’s sending people to the grave. Obesity, not eating properly, drinking sodas, eating all this shit with corn starch, and corn syrup in it. Not real sugar, not real products, all these man-made products, that’s the sht that’s sending people to the grave."
While Wall might think not think syrup is literally killing a generation of rappers, that doesn't mean he thinks they're doing it right.

“Now the whole entire world is walking around with double white cups and they pourin’ up fake syrup, they don’t even know what they drinkin’ they just want to say they sippin’ some syrup. But they killing our culture down here man, that’s what’s being killed, our culture down here man,” Wall explained.
What are your thoughts on syrup?

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