PartyNextDoor's Tour Bus Shot Up In Atlanta

By HHL Editors

Things got a little hairy for PartyNextDoor, his crew, and some girls they were trying to party with after the OVO crooner played Atlanta's Center Stage Friday night.

According to a witness who spoke to Vlad TV, a car pulled up next to PartyNextDoor's tour bus. Then a man got out and opened fire on both the bus and a car full of girls who were following the bus.

"Let loose. Tore it up. Tore their car up and tore the girls that was following them's car up," was how the witness described the scene.

The gunman then jumped into another car and left. The police were called, and according to their report nobody was injured. Which is something that surprised the witness Vlad TV spoke to, given the number of rounds the gunman had fired. "Somebody had to get hit," he said.

The witness, who didn't want to be identified, mentioned that he heard on the streets PartyNextDoor might have "drama" in Atlanta, and also put The Weeknd's name out there, but that's completely unverified. (And why would a Canadian beef travel so far down South?) Listen to what he had to say below.

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