'Panda' Producer Menace Dismisses Allegations He Stole From Future

By HHL Editors

It's pretty apparent that Desiigner's voice sounds like Future. To make things even more confusing, the beat on the 19-year old's breakout hit 'Panda' sounds a lot like a beat Future would use.

In fact, producer Jermaine Dupri alleges that 'Panda's beat is exactly the same as the beat on Future's hit 'Fuck Up Some Commas.'

Menace, who produced 'Panda', has responded to Durpi's allegations, telling HipHopDX there are "no similarities" between the beats.

"Because in the song 'Fuck Up Some Commas,' the main sound is a piano where as mine is a synth sound," Menace explains. "And mine keeps going where as 'Fuck Up Some Commas' goes and stops. And my drums as well; that's the main difference you can tell, my drums are more hard-knocking than 'Fuck Up Some Commas.'"
The British producer went on to say that his 'Panda' beat wasn't even influenced by the trap/808 sound, and instead that it came from English grime.

Obviously when you have people saying 'Oh yeah, the beat's sound the same,' I was like 'kinda, yeah' but that's one opinion; respect everyone's opinion," he explained. "The influence was from grime. Grime is the UK scene. And grime is an energetic type of form of music that can be 140 BPM but an 'explode-in-your-face' type of music. And the BPM's on both beats, they don't match as well. Mine is faster. Much, much faster."
Here's the crux of Dupri's argument:

Who's right?

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