Pablo Escobar's Brother Roberto Is Suing Apple For Billions


Pablo Escobar's brother Roberto has a bone to pick with Apple.

He claims when he bought the iPhone X in 2018 he was assured it was the most secure phone on the market. However, he says shortly after buying the phone he got a threatening letter which disclosed that the sender had been able to get Roberto's address from Facetime. 

Because of this, Roberto -- who says he's been getting threats on his life for years -- said he had to relocate and beef up his security.

So he's suing Apple for $2.6 billion to recover those costs plus pain and suffering.

In addition, he's competing with Apple by launching his own "gold" smartphone which only costs $499 and may come with an Instagram model.

Pablo says if he wins his publicity stunt -- er lawsuit, he'll donate all of the money to charity.

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