Pablo Escobar's Brother Is Suing 'Narcos' For An Enormous Amount

By HHL Editors

The Netflix drug drama Narcos has made Pablo Escobar even more famous, with rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Rich Homie Quan singing the late drug lord's praise.

However, Escobar's 71-year old brother Roberto de Jesus Escobar Gaviria is not happy about the hit show. So he's suing Netflix for a cool billion.

"I don't want Netflix or any other film production company to film any movies in Medellin or Colombia that relates to me or my brother Pablo without authorization from Escobar Inc.," Gaviria told the Hollywood Reporter. "It is very dangerous. Especially without our blessing. This is my country." "Netflix are scared," he said, specifically referring to his legal battle against the streaming platform. "They sent us a long letter to threaten us. Right now, we are in discussions… to obtain our $1 billion payment," he continued. "If we don't receive it, we will close their little show."
That threats hits especially hard in light of the killing of Carlos Munoz Portal, a location scout for Narcos, which happened last week in his home country of Mexico.

Gaviria was the lead accountant for his brother Pablo's empire. But he was also known as the "chief of the hitmen" for the deadly Medellin cartel.

“I don't play around with these people in Silicon Valley. They have their phones and nice products. But they don't know life and would never dare to survive in the jungle of Medellin or Colombia. I have done that,” Gaviria told the Reporter.
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