Oschino Goes In On Meek Mill: 'He's The Worst Kind Of Sucker'

By Daryl Nelson

In early February, former State Property member Oschino dissed Meek Mill for not supporting his Appetizer 5 and Appetizer 6 mixtapes. He also said that he helped the Dreamchaser a lot back in the day and was never shown any love back.

In a new interview, Oschino reiterated those feelings and said Meek was one of the most disloyal people he's ever met.

"I really have love for the boy, and I still got love for boy to a certain extent, but he showed me he's a sucker," said O. "He's the worst kind of sucker ... He's the type of nigga that'll hang with you and fuck with you when he ain't got shit, because he needs you. Now 'cause he got a couple of dollars, you corny."
In addition, Oschino said of all the young Philly rappers that were coming up in the early two-thousands, he helped Meek the most, so he's shocked that they're now beefing.

"So for a nigga to come back years later and say I'ma hater and people going along with it, it's like wow," he explained. "When Meek was walking and was dirty, one of these fans gave a fuck about him. Not none of these niggas gave a fuck about him ... So for the one nigga that I messed with the most out of everybody ... to come and do this shit to me when I ain't do nothing to him, I'm like 'Damn.' That's what the money did to you?"
You can see Oschino's full interview below.

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