One Of The Twerking Bandits Has Been Arrested; Victim Speaks

By HHL Editors

Our favorite story of the week has to be the one in which two women were wanted by the DC police for sexual assault after they terrorized an innocent man in a gas station by twerking all over him.

One of the twerkers, 22-year old Ayanna Marie Knight, was arrested yesterday, and police are still looking for the other. The victim of this unusual crime also spoke out, granting an interview to WTTG-TV.

He's a teacher, but he didn't want his face shown on camera because he's already been stung by the social media backlash against him.

"They were all over my chest and grabbing me. If I would have done that obviously I would have been arrested, thrown to the ground, probably twenty years in prison, no out. You know, it's not the same thing," he said.
But there's got to be more to the story, right? Some have speculated that the twerking ladies were transexuals, which is why the victim was so uncomfortable and ultimately filed a police report. But that wasn't it. It was all about a pimp panic.

"I thought they would have a pimp who was pushing them to be prostitutes who could have been outside with one of the gentlemen that were out there watching and witnessing, could have been with guns to come and shoot me," the victim explained. "I did not want to be shot that day."
He added that the two women flashed him when the left they store.

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