One Of The Guys Who Helped Jump Hell Rell In Restaurant Tells His Side Of Things

By Daryl Nelson

Earlier this week, we shared a video that showed Hell Rell being jumped and beaten in a restaurant. Now one of the men involved has given some background information.

According to the guy, Rell got into it with one of his boys in the past and when they saw him eating at a Flaming Grill Buffet it was on. It looked like the Dipset affiliate was with his family or girlfriend at the restaurant, but the guy said that didn't matter to him at all.

"Boy no what time it is," he said. "He act like he was surprised. I see him doing little IG Lives and all that, acting like he ain't know what was up. Talking about he was with his girl, his family, whatever the case may be, whatever the situation is. Niggas don't really care about that. You talking this gangster shit when niggas see you, niggas don't really care. Niggas don't care if you with your daughter."

The man also said that Rell offered to pay him to keep the footage off the Internet. You can hear his full explanation below.

Do you think it'll be hard for Rell to play the invincible thug role after this fight or will people soon forget about all of this?

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