One Of Pop Smoke's Killers Has been Released


Of the four people charged with killing Pop Smoke during a 2020 home invasion robbery in Los Angeles, three were juveniles.

All three pleaded guilty and were supposed to be locked up until they were at least 25.

However, one of the underaged killers was just released from juvy.

This comes days after the one adult charged, now 23-year-old Corey Walker, had his trial pushed back after plea negotiations.

“Negotiations fell through, but there’s still a possibility we’ll come to an agreement,” lawyer Deion Benjamin, who’s representing Walker with co-counsel Kellen Davis, tells Rolling Stone. “A few things need to be ironed out. If they don’t get resolved, we’ll go to trial.” The trial, now set to kick off with jury selection on August 6, is expected to last three and a half weeks.

While it was the youngest of the juveniles who pulled the trigger on Pop, prosecutors say Walker set up the robbery and was the brains behind the operations.

His lawyer denies this is the case.

As for the released killer, do you think he'll last on the streets?

He certainly has a better chance than he would have if he had go to New York, instead of Los Angeles.

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