Did OJ Simpson Hook Up With A HIV Positive Transsexual In Prison?

By HHL Editors

Jazmena Jameson, a HIV positive transsexual who served time with OJ Simpson, is claiming she had a jail cell affair with the disgraced former football star.

Jameson was assigned to be lead porter for the laundry at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, which Simpson has called home since 2008 when he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for a botched memorabilia robbery. Apparently during one of her trips to pick up Simpson's dirty prison duds he inquired as to whether her breasts were surgically enhanced or grown with hormones. She ended up letting the 67-year old have a look and a feel for himself.

"I was the closest thing to a real woman," she explained to the National Enquirer. Nothing happened that day, but a month later she consummated their relationship by giving Simpson oral sex and apparently that went on for a while.

You can read all of the gory details on Radar Online, which has reprinted the pertain parts of the Enquirer story.

If Simpson was only on the receiving end of oral sex it's highly unlikely he would have contracted AIDS.

Obviously Jameson could be completely making this up.  Simpson, who won't be eligible for parole for another three years, can't really refute her story.

But we've been gawking at the Juice's train wreck of a life for 20 years. Why stop now?

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