OJ Da Juiceman Threatens To Kill Young Nudy

By Daryl Nelson

OJ Da Juiceman and Young Nudy are beefing after Nudy dissed Gucci Mane last week.

It happened after Guwop posted a photo of himself on Bouldercrest road in his old East Atlanta neighborhood and said he still runs the place.  That's when Nudy sent Gucci a shot and said he doesn't run their hood at all, which he caught a lot of flak for.

Nudy responded to the backlash by doubling down on his claim that Gucci doesn't run their neighborhood. He also said that OJ Da Juiceman was supposed to be a big deal in East Atlanta, but he was eventually chased out.

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That made Juiceman respond.

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Then Nudy shot back.

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"Ok, since now you want to be hard and shit Mr. Capri Sun man, the nigga who got stripped and robbed in his own neighborhood," he said.

Juiceman then responded to that post and claimed he's never been robbed or harmed in any way. He also threatened to either kill Nudy or someone from his team.

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Do you think this beef will stay online or spill out into the streets?