OG Maco Denies That He Has AIDS

By Sermon

Last night, Baller Alert's Instagram posted a lengthy blurb about an Atlanta rapper who was diagnosed with a deadly disease and had also infected two women.

An Atlanta rapper has been diagnosed with a deadly disease and has infected at least 2 women. The rapper's condition is worsening and has caused the normally energetic rapper to cut performances short because he was too ill to continue the show. The rapper has come to terms that he is slowly dying and is refusing to take medication. He also refuses to go to a hospital in fear that if he admits his health status, he will spend the remainder of his short life behind bars. The rapper has not admitted his condition to fans, only a small amount of friends/family are aware of his condition. As the rapper slowly deteriorates, he's already began to say his goodbyes. #bablinditem
Speculation raced from Young Thug to Future. But there is some evidence to suggest it's OG Maco.

It comes from a Youtube video uploaded on December 11 of a phone call between OG Maco (or someone who sounds like him) and an unknown woman, presumably his girl or best friend. It's a nine minute audio conversation where the guy says he's dying and won't seek treatment in fear of being thrown in jail. He doesn't specify what he's dying of, but it's a hard convo to listen to.

In the video, the woman is calling him Ben. Ben is Maco nickname or birth name. (Wikipedia lists Maco's birth name as unknown.)

OG Maco happened to tweet this the day after the video was uploaded.

There's also screenshots of an anonymous woman talking to a website called "Ask Milfie" about OG Maco giving her AIDS. "I fucked OG Maco and he gave me aids," anonymous wrote.  She added that when she confronted Maco he yelled and hung up on her. Milfie This afternoon, Maco denied the rumors:

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