Offset's Side Chick Was In A Nicki Minaj-Tekashi 6ix9ine Video


Yesterday, Summer Bunni tearfully apologized for messing around with Offset and ending Cardi B's marriage to the Migo.

If you recognized Bunni, it may be from the Nicki Minaj Tekashi-6ix9ine video 'FEFE', in which she had a small role.

While it could be a coincidence that Offset's side chick ended up in a video of Cardi B's rival Nicki Minaj, don't be so sure it was.

Remember, the two strippers Cardi allegedly ordered beaten up because one of them was creeping with Offset were hired to be in the Tekashi-Nicki-Kanye 'MAMA' video after the story of the assault on them by Cardi's goons broke.

That video shoot was notoriously shot up and then 6ix9ine went to jail, so we may never see that troll job.

But perhaps Nicki and 6ix9ine already trolled Cardi with one their videos but nobody realized they did until now.

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