Offset Takes His Girl Clothes Shopping [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

offset-fashionWhen Offset was a senior in high school he was voted best dressed.

In the video below, he tries to pass the fashion bug on to his daughter as he takes her back-to-school shopping at Trico Field in New York City.

Offset, who's sporting a Gucci top in the video, spent 100K just on the Italian designer last year.

In the video, discusses high school vs. now in terms of his fashion sense.

“You can’t come into the cafeteria with fake J’s on," he said of his high school years. "They’d jump on the table and point at your shoes. I don't sag my pants. I used to. I wear belts. I tuck my shirt in. I keep it a clean look.”
He also had advice for fashionistas of any age:

"Keep it original, do what you like, do what you feel. Don’t let no one tell you you’re doing something wrong. It's fashion so it's art."
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