Offset Sues Quality Control


Offset says the Migos's long-time label Quality Control reneged on a deal they made concerning his solo music.

So he's suing the label.

According to Set, in January of 2021 he paid QC "handsomely" for the rights to his solo work.  However, he says QC has still "hostility" tried to claim his new Baby Keem-produced solo single "54321."

He wants the court to rule that QC does not own anything that Set has dropped solely since January 15, 2021.  His Migos music will still be on QC.

Of course, there may be no more Migos music.  There have been persistent rumors that the Migos have broken up and the other two Migos, Quavo and Takeoff, have been dropping music as Unc & Phew.

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