Offset Sics His Lawyers on Pregnancy Accuser Celina Powell


Celina Powell isn't just making Instagram claims that she's pregnant with Offset child.

The notorious Hip Hop thot is also demanding 50K from the Migo to get an abortion.

Offset contends he's never even met Powell -- let alone knocked her up. Now he's hired the no-nonsense law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips to protect him from Powell.

His new legal team has sent Powell a cease-and-desist letter which states her claim Offset got her pregnant is false and that she has made similar false allegations against other celebrities. The letter goes on to say that her comments about Offset have cost him business opportunities and accuses her of making things up to increase her social media clout.

If she doesn't cease-and-desist we guess they'll go after her IG page and iPhone because we can't imagine she has much else in terms of [non-sexual] assets.

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