Offset Of Migos Says He's Still Locked Up Because Of A Tattoo Mix Up

By HHL Editors

Offset has been locked up since April, when the Migos and their crew were arrested on drugs and guns charges during a show at Georgia Southern University.

While Takeoff and Quavo were able to quickly make bail, Offset was denied because of felonies on his record. A jailhouse fight has since made the prosecutions case to keep him behind bars until his trial even stronger.

Now Offset and his lawyer Charles Mittelstadt are arguing that part of that case is based on bad information.

The prosecutor has claimed "gang related tattoos" on Quavo's body prove he is a danger to society. But Mittelstadt says his client's ink just depicts him as the CEO of Black Migos Gang -- which is a record label, not a criminal enterprise.

Given this, he is asking the judge to finally grant Offset bail.

Between the ink and the Noisey situation Offset hasn't made this process easy on himself.

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