Offset Didn't Like Donald Glover's 'Saturday Night Live' Skit About Migos


On a May 2018 episode of Saturday Night Live, host Donald Glover, along with Keenan Thompson and Chris Redd, spoofed the Migos as "Friendos".

In the skit, the three ad-libbers go to therapy to deal with their repressed feelings about each other, which involves a lot of talk of "lambos."

In a new interview with GQ, Offset said he didn't like the skit.

 "I'mma be honest,"Offset said. "We didn't like that skit 'cos it was, like, the total opposite of the Migos. We rock with each other. We ain't arguing. And then I felt like it was interpreted like we was some dodo birds."

It may have particularly hurt that Glover was the one doing the spoofing. In 2017, Glover thanked the Migos after he won a Golden Globe for his TV show Atlanta

During his speech, he called the Migos' earworm "Bad and Boujee" the best song ever.

Nobody was entirely sure if Glover was being serious with his praise, and by later spoofing the Migos on SNL like he did it suggested he may not have been.



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