The ODB And Raekwon Had A Push Up Contest While On Angel Dust

By HHL Editors

Angel Dust is a helluva drug and has led many a man to do many a bad thing.  But when Wu-Tang gets together a session on the dust becomes a harmless workout competition.

In an interview with, Raekwon weaves a crazy tale about the time his crew, the Old Dirty Bastard's crew and Rza's crew got together and smoked a bunch of PCP. Then they decided to see how many push ups they could each do.

Raekwon claims he got to almost a thousand, but that The ODB was the champion with 1100. The late, great emcee was also the driving force behind the contest, screaming encouragement when the others hit the floor. According to Raekwon, "I did so many push ups I wasn't even dusted anymore." Check out the funny video below.

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