Now Stephen A. Smith Is Straight Up Threatening Kevin Durant

By HHL Editors

Last week, Stephen A. Smith reported that Kevin Durant is considering jumping to the Lakers when he becomes a free agent after this season. Durant pushed back on that, accusing Smith of "lying" because the ESPN loudmouth hadn't spoken to either him or any of his people before filing the report. Smith wasn't having any of that, and explained that he has sources who know these things, and who aren't KD or his crew.

But Smith wasn't done. He said he would address the situation today on First Take, and address he did...

"You don't want to make an enemy out of me," Smith says to Durant, while staring straight at the camera.
Then he repeats himself like some kind of movie badass.

You can see a good chunk of the segment below. Toward the end Smith starts threatening to reveal personal information.

Is having to deal with Stephen A. part of the Based God curse on Durant?

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