Nipsey Hussle's Artist BH Comes For The Game For Chasing Nipsey's Clout


Another one of Nipsey Hussle's artists is defending the late rapper and entrepreneur.

Whereas Killa Twan came for Wack 100 and Blueface for disrespecting Nip, BH (Hoggy) is calling out The Game for tying himself too tightly to Nipsey.

On the No Jumper podcast BH objected to the constant Internet tributes Game continues to post to Nip and Game's use of the word "prolific," which Nipsey had famously tattooed to his face.

“Nip respected Game for taking him on his first tour,” he said. “That’s cool and all Game, but all this clout. Like, you posting the homie every day? Don’t you got dead homies? Go post them. You posting the homie? I don’t even want to see this.”

BH was also irked that Game named his new independent label Prolific Records.

“You know who got this sh*t cracking,” BH said “So prolific anything …. that’s like us trying to say ‘Documentary Records’ or some crazy, weird sh*t like that. No, we not gonna do that.”

The Game -- who also constantly drops the name of living rappers -- dropped his Born II Rap album, which has a Nipsey feature, last night.  It will be interesting to see how well it does and if folks attribute The Game's lengthy hug of Nipsey to its success if it is successful.

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