Nipsey Hussle Slams DJ Akademiks After Walking Off "Everyday Struggle"


Nipsey Hussle unloaded on DJ Akademiks during a conversation with Chicago DJ Tone Kapone on Thursday.

"He's a buster, he's a weirdo. Niggas would whoop his ass in real life," Nip said of AK. "He's behind the camera, and you gotta just let clowns be clowns, man. I was on Everyday Struggle and I walked out, just because, you know, I'm not a clown. I don't come from that world of like, you make jokes. We used to fuck niggas up for trying to film fights in the hood. 'Nigga, you fight. We going to make you fight.' We ain't cover no drama, that's called instigating. Niggas like him get weeded out quick. He gotta little Internet run he's on. We just gotta let him self-destruct because he's on the path."

Upon hearing Nip's words, Ak explained his side.

Ak believes Nipsey didn't understand the nature of Everyday Struggle and that's why he ended up aborting his appearance.  He thought he was just there to promote his album Victory Lap, when in reality Everyday Struggle's guests also join the hosts in a discussion of the Hip Hop news and gossip of the moment.

Nip was supposed to be on the day after Teka$hi 69 brawled at LAX airport after shit-talking Los Angeles. Nipsey (rightly) concluded that whatever he said about 69 would be what everyone took away from his segment. So Ak said they agreed to work with him on that, but he would still have to discuss more than his album. Nipsey didn't want to do that and politely left before the show started. 

Ak added that he has no ill-will toward Nip and plugged Victory Lap as good.

Check it all out below.


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