Nipsey Hussle Calls For DJ Akademiks To Be Publicly Beaten After 21 Savage Comments


Nipsey Hussle has been verbally assaulting DJ Akademiks for a minute. Now he wants to make it physical.

A week after calling Ak a "weirdo" and a "buster", Nip is calling for the Hip Hop personality to be caught and beaten for comments he made about 21 Savage.

During an appearance on the New Hip Hop News podcast with Tariq Nasheed, Nipsey brought up that he didn't like how AK criticized and mocked 21's decision to stop buying jewelry and instead invest his money.

Nasheed classified Ak's criticism as "coon talk." Then Nip went in:

"We supposed to fuck niggas up for that. We supposed to catch you at ComplexCon and we supposed to spank you for that. And you supposed to learn 'I was wrong.' We ain't supposed to do nothing you can't fix. We ain't supposed to take the overboard. But we supposed to fuck you up. You supposed to respect something bro," Nip proclaimed.

Nipsey went on to say that he isn't going to be the one to give Ak the beating, but that it needs to happen because Ak is "getting out of control."

A few months ago, Nipsey threatened to fight TV reporter Henry Wofford for his on-air mocking of Diddy's attempt to buy the Carolina Panthers.

Wofford was ready to meet him in the ring, but they ultimately made up and Hussle took down his threatening Tweets.

Do you think Ak needs a beating? Check out Nip's words below:


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