Nipsey Hussle Approached By A Stan Who Begs To Rap For Him [WATCH]

By Daryl Nelson

What did Eminem say in his song "Lose Yourself?" That you only get "one shot to blow," right? 

That's probably how one guy saw it, because he approached  Nipsey Hussle at an Arizona in-store and asked to spit for him. The man was also extremely emotional and claimed to be one of the rapper's biggest fans.

"My name [is] Israel," the guy said. "On everything, I feel like I was supposed to meet you today, bro. I'm putting my heart out, but you're someone special to me, bro. I listen to you every day, every day."

Nipsey then asked the man if he had any music, but he said no.

"Because I ain't got no one producing me like that," he explained. "I got so many people hating on me, 'cause they know how tight I am."

From there, Israel launched into his verse, which also included a little chorus.  Nipsey looked on and didn't react too much.

What do you think about this guy, his skill level and how he approached Nipsey? You can peep the video below.

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