Ninja Of Die Antwoord Talks Of Bizarre Meeting With Kanye West [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Ninja of the South African rap/rave group Die Antwoord was recently summoned to Kanye West's Los Angeles area mansion.

He was excited to meet 'Ye, and try to reconcile the amazing artist who made tracks like 'Niggas In Paris' with the public figure who appears to be, in Ninja's words, "kind of retarded."

However, his visit didn't provide any clear answers. Among the first things West told Ninja was how he needed to take pills to prevent from going crazy and screaming. Ninja suggested they make a track of West going crazy, and 'Ye agreed. However, Kanye quickly lost interest and began watching and commenting on anal sex porn.

Next he asked Ninja if he liked banana pudding and treated him to some of the desert which his wife Kim Kardashian had made. There was an awkward silence when they finished, so Ninja felt compelled to do the dishes.

After the meeting/meal, Ninja blocked 'Ye's number. "That shit was just too weird," the shirtless tattooed man being interviewed in a bathroom explained.

Die Antwoord's mixtape Suck On This drops later this week.

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