Nicki Minaj Says She Didn't Reject Birdman From Her Grammy Party

By HHL Editors

We were all feeling a bit of schadenfreude when we saw video of Birdman getting rejected from Nicki Minaj's pre-Grammy party at 1OAK in LA Friday night.

But Nicki wants everybody to know that we shouldn't read too much into it, in terms of the legal battle between her Young Money boss and her Cash Money boss.

Minaj told TMZ she was no longer at the club when Birdman and his posse got bounced, and explained that the reason for their rejection was they wanted bottle service 15 minutes before closing time.

The tabloid also learned that Minaj hopes Baby and Lil Wayne can work their problem out, and she's not taking sides in the beef.

Whatever happened on Friday night it's clear the lines of communication between Minaj and Birdman aren't that strong. Here's the video the rejection.

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