Nicki Minaj Reminds Everyone About Her Breasts

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It looks like Nicki Minaj is about to drop a bunch of new music.

To promote it, she showed off some boobage.

Secret shoots bumpin #Realize #ICantEvenLie & #Nobody drops tonight @ midnight. EST. Off that DJKhaled album!!! Who's prepared?!?! ✍

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[Report: Nicki Minaj Is faking relationship with Nas.]

Who's prepared for 2 new songs @ midnight?!?! #ICantEvenLie ft @future & #Nobody ft @aliciakeys ~ courtesy of that new @djkhaled album ❣️#SecretShoot

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Every girl knows what I'm doing. When u waitin on that eye liner to dry so u gotta keep ya eyes mad low like a crazy person. Cuz if u open them eyes and mess it up, u dead ass b ready to kill somebody Sheika slayed that makeup or nah? Hey Neal! And my other babies. #ICantEvenLie ft @future & #Nobody ft @aliciakeys drops @ MIDNIGHT off @djkhaled new album. #NBAAwards JUNE 26th on TNT ❣️❣️❣️

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I just gave him the key to the cookie jar. I don't share his goodies. #QueenTingz #BarbieTingz sit down pon it, mi know fi sit down pon it. bad btchs keep dat exclusive

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Last night's camera crew was over my shit & was ready to GO HOME!!! so I called myself giving them this lil dry pep talk & told them I was gonna get it in one take. These lil dry claps hey guys, if you're out there, love you & thank you! #SecretShoot ok how many hours left b4 #ICantEvenLie & #Nobody drops?!?!! ⏰ MIDNIGHT EST!!!! ⏱ go get #Realize #RakeItUp & #SwishSwish

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Have Nicki's breasts gotten bigger?

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