Nicki Minaj Flashes Feline Intensity In V Magazine

By HHL Editors

Yesterday, we learned that Nicki Minaj might be crazy. A mental health diagnosis that puts a bit of a different perspective on the photoshoot she just did for V Magazine.

It's the second glossy fashion mag she's done in the past month, following Italian Vogue, and this time she dons leopard print and shows her teeth. Imagine that coming at you and your car with a baseball bat.

In another photo she humps a Roman column. Since it's V, we guess this is considered more classy than thrusting up against a surface without any architectural significance.

You can check out the cover photo and some of the other pics that will be in the mag below. Nicki has also posted them on her Instagram page. She's looking fine. But the crazy. What do you think?

Nicki V cover Nicki Roman
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