Is Nicki Minaj Obsessed With 'Lil Kim?


Cat fight alert! Lil' Kim and Kick Minaj have been eyeing each other sideways for years. But Kim really upped the beef last month in the dis record 'Identity Theft,' in which the Queen B ripped the younger artist for stealing her schtick.

However, during an interview today with the Breakfast Club, Kim says it was Minaj who escalated the conflict by bringing up her name in Minaj's remix of "Flawless."

Kim said she took offense to the Minaj line "The queen of rap slaying with Queen Bey/ If you ain't on the team you playing for team D."

"She’s been waiting for so long just to even say the word 'Queen Bee,' because that’s how obsessed she is," Kim told the morning crew.

Of course Flawless is a Beyoncé song, and Queen Bey is a legit Beyoncé nickname. So another, perhaps more logical, way of looking at things is that Minaj was simply referencing the name of the artist whose song she was remixing.

"She’s been waiting to say that," Kim said, rejecting that line of argument. "It’s just like, come on, you on a record with Beyoncé. [If] I had a record with Beyoncé — I’m not saying nothing remotely so that this chick can even think I’m talking about her. We all know what it is. Let’s just be real. It’s so deep that when I finish putting together this documentary, everyone will fully understand."

OK. But we're not understanding now. At all. That's going to have to be one of hell of illuminating documentary. Maybe she can get to the bottom of the whole chemtrails thing too.

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