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Nicki Minaj Hits Remy Ma On David Guetta's 'Light My Body Up'

By HHL Editors

Nicki Minaj takes a couple light subliminal jabs at Remy Ma and [maybe] Meek Mill on the David Guetta track 'Light My Body Up,' which also features Lil Wayne.

First, Nicki says hello to Remy in the track's intro.

Yo, I just started my sentence like a capital letter Got bars for years, I hope you send me a letter Know she'll never be queen, so now she got a vendetta I ain't talkin' 'bout David when I say I'ma Guetta
In her second verse she raps something that could be interpreted as a shot at her ex Meek Mill.

What you wanna bet that you'll never find another? Like me, I'm once in a lifetime Only get all of me once in your lifetime I'll leave you drowning in your wet dream
Since Nicki keeps things subliminal, it's not entirely clear she's shading Meek here. She might just be bragging about how hot she is, which is something she likes to do.

Listen to the track:


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