Nicki Minaj Has Gone Missing According To Photo Agency


The Splash News and Picture Agency has been trying to sue Nicki Minaj for profiting off of their liscened photos of her since last year.

The problem is they can't find her to serve her.  

They've tried to get catch her in LA, but her address is hard to confirm, she lives in a gated community and she has bodyguards.

So Splash is asking a judge if they can serve her via Instagram.  The judge has yet to rule.

Given most rappers live on Instagram these days, it's an interesting and potentially precedent-setting request.

The photos in question were taken of Nicki outside of New York City fashion events in 2017 and 2018.  Splash says because she posted the photos to her Instagram page she made them worthless. Splash is seeing 150K for each copyright violation. 

Nicki has been pretty absent in real-life these days, even when she isn't dodging process servers.  

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